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June 2015 Update:

After about three years of using a workaround to get alerts for the Casco Bay Bridge, MaineDOT has finally made it easy for folks to get alerts when the bridge goes up! We at cascobaybridge.com like to think that we had an impact on making this happen! Or maybe our thinking is just grandiose.

Anyway, here is how you can EASILY get alerts for when the Casco Bay Bridge is raised:

1) Go to www.maine.gov/mdot
2) On right side of screen, click “Get notified”
3) Select the little icon for the Casco Bay Bridge
4) Choose either an email or SMS text alert, Enter in your phone number.

Pretty easy now! We are going to leave the rest of this website up as it is, after all we own the domain for cascobaybridge.com, anyway. Not giving it up anytime soon, either!

Old Content Below:

Do you like being stuck when the Casco Bay Bridge goes up do to passing ships? If you do, that’s great! If you don’t, then this website is for you.

The Maine Department of Transportation (DOT) actually sends out email alerts when the Casco Bay Bridge goes up. The Maine DOT unfortunately does not do a good job advertising these alerts. Our website will show you how to get those alerts, and then turn those email alerts into a text message. So when an alert is sent out by the Maine Department of Transportation, a text message will be sent to your phone! Did we mention it is free?

This website is in no way affiliated with the Maine Department of Transportation. Cascobaybridge.com does not provide text alerts when the Casco Bay Bridge is up. We are privately owned, all we do is just show you how to subscribe to the alerts from the Maine Department of Transportation.

Also please do not text and drive, it’s very dangerous and illegal in the state of Maine.

Thanks for visiting!

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